Keynote Speaker

Dr. Karla Ivankovich PhD,

Keynote and motivational speaker

Interested in booking Dr. Karla as a speaker for your event? A seasoned professional at the podium she makes a lasting impression that is powerful.

Having been invited to speak at National Summits, to lead and participate in focus groups, as a college and university lecturer and more, she is able to address issues relevant to relationships of today, today’s mental health and social work constituency, and today’s medical community, and does so in a manner that is not beholden to a political agenda or at the behest of a funding entity. What you will get is a straightforward presentation that always leaves audiences asking, “What more can I do?”

Experience and Approach

Dr. Karla’s approach inspires audiences to be of service, be accountable, be kind but most of all, be real. With a deep understanding of the many changes associated with relationships, health and wellness, her perspectives resonate with all genders, all ages and builds a real approach to support a stronger community. Her charming wit, refreshing personality and positive outlook offer insight into relationships, health, wellness and personal accountability.