About Dr. Karla

Who is Dr. Karla ?

Dr. Karla Ivankovich is a counselor, educator, media personality, and public speaker. With a Doctorate in Psychology, Karla has earned degrees in a range of disciplines including: Business Administration, from Lincoln Land Community College, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, a Master of Arts degree in Human Development Counseling with a concentration in Marriage and Family, as well as Master of Arts degree in INO-Disability Studies from the University of Illinois at Springfield. In addition, to round out her knowledge of educational systems at the elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels, Dr. Karla furthered her graduate education with significant coursework in Educational Leadership.


Ranked as a Top Executive by the National Council of American Executives, Karla serves as President and Co-Founder of OnePatient Global Health Initiative. In this position, Karla’s primary role is to provide executive oversight for OnePatient Global Health Initiative through outreach programming, mental health assessment, overall strategic planning, financial and staff management, organizational development, program operations and clinical compliance. Karla’s extensive professional history as an industry executive has allowed her to develop and manage university and state-wide programs of assistance.


In 2001, she began her career in higher education instruction at Lincoln Land Community College.  Presently she is an adjunct lecturer in the undergraduate Psychology program at both the University of Illinois at Springfield, and the graduate Counseling Psychology program at North Park University located in Chicago, IL.  Below is a listing of the courses she has created and taught:


Dr Karla is considered one of Chicago’s leading health professionals and has been featured and accredited by many associations including: