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With a Doctorate in Psychology, Karla has earned degrees in a range of disciplines including: Business Administration, from Lincoln Land Community College, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, a Master of Arts degree in Human Development Counseling, as well as Master of Arts degree in INO-Disability Studies from the University of Illinois at Springfield. In addition, to round out her knowledge of educational systems at the elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels, Karla furthered her graduate education with significant coursework in Educational Leadership.


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For 15 years, Karla has worked as licensed clinician meeting and exceeding the highest of industry standards.

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Karla Ivankovich has been a Licensed Counselor since 1999. A Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) licensed to diagnose and treat issues involving mental and behavioral health. To qualify as an LCPC, an individual must possess a graduate degree, complete advanced training, have extensive clinical work experience, and pass a state-certified licensing examination.


Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC)

As a Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC), Karla is nationally recognized as a professional with training in best practices in distance counseling. Distance counseling is a counseling approach that takes the best practices of traditional counseling as well as some of its own unique advantages and adapts them for delivery to clients via electronic means in order to maximize the use of technology-assisted counseling techniques.


Board Certified by the American Psychotherapy Association (BCPC)

Board Certified by the American Psychotherapy Association (BCPC) In addition to holding a LCPC and DCC Licensure, Karla is also Board Certified by the American Psychotherapy Association.

My Awards


Lincoln Land Community College Honored Alumnae


Top Ranked Executives – National Council of American Executives


Who’s Who Among Professional Women


Community Advocate – Senior Center


Community Service Award – TurnOut Movement Arts Studio


Woman of Character – UIS Women’s Issues Caucus


Who’s Who Among American Women


Excellence in Service – Chi Sigma Iota, Sigma Sigma Upsilon International


Outstanding Master’s Student Chi Sigma Iota - Sigma Sigma Upsilon International

Research Interests

Life and Love Radio Personality

Karla hosts a radio show called Life and Love, with her partner, Dr. Daniel Ivankovich. The show airs on the iHeart radio network (WVON 1690) each Sunday night 11:00pm – 1:00am CST. Karla’s thoughts suggest that we live in a chaotic world, and an amazing relationship can carry us through the best & worst of times. LIFE AND LOVE addresses everything you thought you knew about relationships and everything you didn’t know. When school is in session, Professor Karla and Dr. Dan guide you through the reality of relationships with hilarity, humor and hope…all in the name of love.

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    Take Control and Live your Life! "Live your life...memories are made in your mind and your heart...not on a screen" - Karla Ivankovich

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    LLCC's 2014 Honored Alumna Karla Ivankovich

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    Cleaning Up from the Holiday Season

    Maybe you spent months in a race against the clock to produce the most memorable Christmas gift your spouse has ever received. Maybe you scrimped and saved every spare dime to reward your children with the latest and greatest gizmos, gadgets or items of clothing. Maybe you simply procrastinated and completed your holiday shopping in a matter of hours before the “big” night with the family! Regardless of your preparation, or lack thereof…it’s over. Now that we have embraced and celebrated the holiday season, for many of us our thoughts turn to the “clean up” of the holiday fury. By clean up, I don’t mean the laborious task of taking down the tree, or uncovering the mantle from the holiday stockings that were hung quite meticulously only hours after carving the Thanksgiving turkey and ham. By clean up, I mean the often inevitable crash that comes after the anticipation and the climax of the holiday season.

    Still not following me? We are told that holidays are a time of frolicking, friends and family. Despite the joy that surrounds the season, shortly after the holidays officially end, many will begin the downward spiral that encompasses the 4th and 5th holiday Fs: Fear of Finances. Fear of finances begins when the realization sets in that you have spent more than you intended in your quest for holiday generosity.

    So why is this generous spending problematic? Those gifts and the resulting holiday debt, although generous, can have a lasting negative impact. With more than 90% of Americans celebrating Christmas, Kwanza or Hanukah, seasonal holiday spending accounts for about 33% of annual retail turnover in many Western economies.3 According to the National Retail Federation, in 2013 gift givers spent $602 billion dollars.6 A national survey (commissioned by reported 38% of those responding had used credit cards to pay for holiday purchases.4 With a significant amount of credit being extended this holiday season is there a plan for debt reduction? 55% of respondents expected to eliminate their debt within 30 days, 74% anticipated a debt elimination plan of 90 days, and some believed they would not be debt free from the 2014 holiday season until sometime closer to the holiday season of 2015.4

    But does holiday stress really stem from money (or the resulting lack thereof)? Consumers and researchers think so. As a matter of fact, 7 out of 10 adults identify themselves as being “very stressed out” about money.5 In addition, a recent study reveals a correlation between familial/relationship stressors and debt as well as an association between being depressed and problems related to the stress of financial debt.2 Stress can have deleterious effects on both physical and psychological health, resulting in a wide range of inappropriate coping mechanisms including excessive drinking and spending. This is especially alarming when we consider data that suggests that suicides peak during the first two days after weekends and holidays for participants with alcoholic dependency.1

    The holidays are supposed to be a time of cheer. As American’s fuel their desire for materialistic possessions, a significant amount of pressure is placed on proffering the perfect gift, at any cost. Unfortunately, this cost doesn’t just impact the pocketbook, it can bring about stressors that last for months and even years to come. Those stressors can lead to anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties and even divorce. While the season is over for this year, make it your New Years resolution to reconsider the “gift” next year. Rather than spend with reckless abandon consider alternatives that do not guarantee you a seat at the table of debt. The holiday season is finite. The stress of debt might bring about many things, but it will not bring about the very thing that every gift giver is seeking at this time of the year…to make everlasting memories.

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    1Brådvik, L., & Berglund, M. (2003). A suicide peak after weekends and holidays in patients with alcohol dependence. Suicide And Life-Threatening Behavior, 33(2), 186-191. doi:10.1521/suli.

    2Bridges, S., & Disney, R. (2010). Debt and depression. Journal of Health Economics, 29388-403. doi:10.1016/j.jhealeco.2010.02.003

    3Hancock, P., & Rehn, A. (2011, November). Organizing Christmas. Organization. p. 737. doi:10.1177/1350508411428214.

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    5Scott, E. (2014). Financial stress - How it affects you and what you can do.

    6The National Retail Foundation (2014). The long and the short of America’s consumer holidays.

    - Karla Ivankovich

    Published in Science of Relationships - January 7, 2014

    Professional Associations

    ● American Counseling Association
    ● American Mental Health Counseling Association
    ● American Psychological Association
    ● Chi Sigma Iota – Illinois Chapter
    ● Healthcare Services Providers Organization
    ● Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association
    ● American Psychotherapy Association


    This is what I do!

    University of Illinois at Springfield

    In 2001, Karla began her career in higher education instruction at both Lincoln Land Community College (2001-2006) and the University of Illinois at Springfield where she continues to teach in the Psychology program. Karla has developed and taught many courses including:

  • Introduction to Psychology

  • Educational Psychology

  • Exceptional Child

  • Child Development

  • Adolescent Psychology

  • Abnormal Psychology

  • Psychology of Obesity and Eating Disorders

  • Health Psychology

  • Psychology of Music

  • Leader

    This is who I am

    A Top Executive by the National Council of American Executives

    Ranked as a Top Executive by the National Council of American Executives, Karla serves as President and Co-Founder of OnePatient Global Health Initiative. In this position, Karla’s primary role is to provide executive oversight for OnePatient Global Health Initiative through outreach programming, mental health assessment, overall strategic planning, financial and staff management, organizational development, program operations and clinical compliance. Karla’s extensive professional history as an industry executive has allowed her to develop and manage university and state-wide programs of assistance.
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    This is my Passion

    National Summits, University Lectures and More

    Interested in booking Karla as a speaker for your event? A seasoned professional at the podium she makes a lasting impression that is powerful. Having been invited to speak at National Summits, to lead and participate in focus groups, as a college and university lecturer and more, she is able to address issues relevant to relationships of today, today’s medical community, and today’s mental health and social work constituency and does so in a manner that is not beholden to a political agenda or at the behest of a funding entity. What you will get is a straightforward presentation that always leaves audiences asking, “What more can I do?”

    Karla’s approach inspires audiences to be of service, be accountable, be kind but most of all, be real. With a deep understanding of the many changes associated with relationships, health and wellness, her perspectives resonate with all genders, all ages and builds a real approach to support a stronger community. Her charming wit, refreshing personality and positive outlook offer insight into relationships, health, wellness and personal accountability.
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